In Conversation With...
Sandy Macaskill

Chair Becky Sunshine spoke with the UK CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, Sandy Macaskill, to explore how health and wellbeing is integral to the future of our communities.

Barry’s itself has created a community beyond just fitness classes, with the ethos of the brand centred around evoking cooperation and understanding rather than outright competition. For Sandy, the global pandemic has highlighted that communities and neighbourhoods crave a healthy, positive lifestyle in every sense of the word – whether it be your diet, the people you socialise with or the place where you exercise – everything around you impacts your own personal wellbeing.

While Sandy feels the UK is well on its way to being a leading nation when it comes to wellbeing, there’s still work to be done to empower more people to consciously look after themselves and others – especially in urban centres.

Sandy Macaskill of Barry's Bootcamp