The Blueprint by Ballymore

The Blueprint is the podcast series that looks at how we can build better cities, speaking to urban innovators from around the world.

To celebrate the launch of our latest advancement in urban living – the village style development of Mill Harbour on the doorstep of Canary Wharf – we’ve done a global deep dive into cutting-edge urban planning.


The Return of the Urban Village

Keeping a human scale in our cities of the future

This episode looks at how we can make sure our global megacities keep humans at their heart, designing neighbourhoods around people rather than master plans, and ensuring mixed amenities are within easy reach.

Guests: Jan Gehl (founder, Gehl), Mary Portas (founder, Portas Agency), Glenn Howells (architect, Mill Harbour).


Culture and Community

How the arts can boost human connection

Culture is one of the most powerful points of connection between people, and this episode considers the impact that the arts can have on urban communities, providing the glue that binds the fabric of our cities.

Guests: Tamara Rojo (artistic director, English National Ballet), Sir John Sorrell (founder, London Design Festival), Roger Black (creative director, Ballymore).


Holistic Health in the City

Putting wellbeing at the heart of urban planning

Cities can be the most inspiring and productive places on Earth to live, but they have come with health and wellbeing challenges in the past. This episode looks to the future of healthier cities, built to boost body and mind.

Guests: Sandy Macaskill (CEO UK, Barry’s Bootcamp), Tom Smith (director, Spacehub), and Chef and Author Melissa Hemsley.


The End of the Office?

Looking to flexible futures in work and business

Our professional lives are changing dramatically, with a move towards flexible working shaking up the office as we know it. But it seems people will always need physical spaces to come together – this episode looks at this office of the future.

Guests: Katrina Kostic Samen (founder, KKS Savills), Cathrin Walczyk (head of design research, Universal Design Studio) and Julia Hobsbawm, writer and public speaker on social health.


Sustainable Cities

Laying the foundations for a greener, smarter future

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges as we grow our urban centers, and the solution seems to be a mix of good old green design combined with high tech innovation. This episode scours the world for best in class sustainable solutions.

Guests: Lyndon Neri (founder, Neri & Hu), Agnes Kwek (Design Ambassador, Design Singapore), Hayden Wood (founder, Bulb Energy), John Mulryan (group managing director, Ballymore).


The Connected Capital

The future of seamless, smarter and sustainable transportation

Transport routes are the veins and arteries of our cities, but as urban areas balloon in size, this vital mobility infrastructure is under pressure. This episode looks to the future of urban transportation, and considers its vital role in a city’s success.

Guests: Paul Priestman (founder, PriestmanGoode), Kwame Nyanning (chief experience officer, Arrival), Peter Murray (curator-in-chief, New London Architecture).